Borough Of Kings

The Irish in Borough of Kings are the second and third generation American born variety of the Irish diaspora. Jimmy, being of Irish blood, Catholic religion, and living in an “Irish neighborhood” (a working class area of Brooklyn containing a mix of ethnicities, but in which Irish and Italian surnames predominate) identifies himself as Irish primarily because of the fact that he bears the last name of O’ Callaghan. Jimmy is Irish by “nurture”, if not by nature: while the exact ethnic composition of his parents is unknown as they died early in his life well before the start of the story, his uncle, a firefighter who also identifies and is identified by others as Irish, assumed guardianship of Jimmy after his parents’ death.
Though his ethnic identification is nothing out of the ordinary where he lives, his aspiration to become a Shakespearean actor is. Some of the other white ethnics routinely call him “half a fag”, on the grounds that his theatrical focus renders his sexuality suspect.
Irish-American Jimmy lives and works side-by-side with the Italian-Americans of the area, some of them Mafia-connected. Though they are usually friendly, and ethnic rivalry is generally limited to some mild name-calling, when Jimmy witnesses a Mob hit, it becomes clear that his Irish-American ethnicity makes him an “outsider” to their little in-group, a likely “squealer” or “stool pigeon”, and he is at serious risk of being “whacked” himself in spite of his previously cordial working relationship with the hit man.
Jimmy has a love interest in the movie: a young lady who works at the theater, and who claims that her background makes her “half a Mick”, as she claims to be “half Irish, half Puerto Rican” though she actually looks like neither.

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