Leap Year

The premise of Leap Year Leap Year is that an American woman of Irish descent wants to marry her rich but boring boyfriend, but though they’re buying a condo together doesn’t have the guts to ask if they’re ever getting married as well. Her nutty Irish father makes a brief appearance to advise her to “pull a Grandma Jane”… that is, follow him back to The Old Country on February 29 in order to take advantage of an obscure custom in which a woman is allowed to propose to a man on Leap Day. But the Irish weather doesn’t cooperate, and Anna can’t seem to find transportation to Dublin other than the scruffy, wisecracking Dingle innkeeper Declan. Naturally, comedic misunderstandings ensue.

As a romantic comedy, Leap Year leaves something to be desired, but it does offer ample opportunity to gawk at the charming Irish countryside and giggle at the silly Irish-American woman and her big-city ways.

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